Top Reposts on Fat People Hate

This is going to be a compilation of top posts and commonly reposted stuff, for your enjoyment and so that you know what not to post because we've seen it a million times already.


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Fat People Hate Awards winners

May 2015

  1. Who The Body Acceptance Should Be For VS Reality by /u/-Polin-C-

  2. Great new Ad campaign I just saw. by /u/iamnosaj

  3. Thin privilege is not needing lube to steer your car by /u/i_fukked_ur_mum

  4. Shitlord mom by /u/clic45

  5. This is infuriating by /u/reddit809

April 2015

  1. Tess Munster standing up by /u/hamateeverysnickers

  2. FA activist dies due to being fat. by /u/Oops_killsteal

  3. My friend had a run in with a fattie anon on her Tumblr and the entire exchange is pure gold. by /u/NovelJunkie

  4. Foreign shitlording by /u/jaerpax

  5. Dr Christian knows by /u/5one

March 2015

  1. Messaged someone looking for an "attractive, toned and slim" woman off a hookup subreddit. Turned out to be a fatty. Finally made a throwaway now that I have something to submit here. by /u/—anna—

  2. Being a hambeast is so hard, u guise by /u/Emily_Americana

  3. The wave North America needs by /u/Nosam88

  4. Right…It's the designers fault by /u/wtf81

  5. Math, the ultimate shitlord by /u/r3val4ti0n

February 2015

  1. Fatty of the month and the ensuing aftermath by FPH mods

  2. They Stand by /u/HonorMuhBeetus

  3. Need a quick dessert? by /u/Daffelatte

  4. "I can't afford healthy food!"-argument gets rekt. by /u/BerlinSpiderRocket

  5. It's clearly years of water retention by /u/hamexpress

January 2015

  1. I posted a dude's bitch tits in gone wild curvy. Proof that the people there don't know what women looks like. by /u/Vitruvius_Rex

  2. Girl complains about height, deletes Twitter account when confronted about her weight. by /u/ElCidVargas

  3. This classy betch by /u/LaDiscotheque

  4. I guess we're just half the man/woman he/she is by /u/A_Jehovahs_Witness

  5. Fat feminist internet victim versus real victim by /u/i_am_the_ginger

December 2014

  1. Girl complains about height, deletes Twitter account when confronted about her weight. by /u/ElCidVargas

  2. Shitlady shows off her driver's license pics before and after losing 70lbs. Salty fatties don't like that she posts in FPH. by /u/Based_gandhi

  3. Burn. by /u/StopShoutingAtMe

  4. Plan B by /u/GenericUsername16

  5. Teacher of the year. by /u/r_antrobus

November 2014

  1. Fuck yes take a sec to laugh at this by /u/chemcrazy

  2. Seeing these fucking lines are embarrassing by /u/nyancat23

  3. I made a fat activist on The Sims 4 by /u/cheesedogz

  4. TIL the girl on the left is thin. by /u/darkestdreamer

  5. PSA: when buying towels, always wash them before you use them. This planet put that one back on the shelf. by /u/oliver_friends

October 2014

  1. So they finally got it… by /u/Ellvarah

  2. Why it is safe to insult fatties by /u/trav268

  3. A ham so fat he has Michael doing the full splits. by /u/mundungus194

  4. Hamplanet with a victim complex gets called out by /u/Emily_Americana

  5. The verdict is: Yes by /u/BluePuma

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