Rules of the Subverse

1. No personal information

Keep Personal Information Off Voat: You agree to not post anyone’s sensitive personal information that relates to that person’s real world or online identity. This is a SITE WIDE rule.

2. No dissent / No being fat

Speaking out against hating fat people is a good way to get banned permanently. Saying positive things about a fat person or fat people in general is another good way.

We hate fat people here at FatPeopleHate. If it is discovered you are fat yourself, you will be banned.

Please do not feel this rule is to give us absolute power – we are always willing to listen to you argue your case and we have even been known to revoke bans. We will also always happily explain our actions upon request. The six human mods are all equals here and we will revoke our actions if the team decides it best.

3. Keep the peace

No sexism, homophobia or racism. We’re here to hate people for their choices and actions (or rather INactions), not for things out of their control. There’s a line between humor and poor taste. You know where it is. If you don’t you’ll usually be warned on your first offense. Opinions are fine so long as they aren’t gratuitously incendiary.

4. No memes, BBW porn, or spam

Memes (cartoons, comics, illustrations, satire/parody, obvious fiction) do not belong in this subverse. This is to ensure the quality of posts stays up rather than decreases.

Do not post BBW or feeder porn. Nudity is allowed, but it must be medical or comical, and not displayed for disgust.

5. Meta Posts go to /v/fphdiscussion

Meta posts and off-topic posts that don’t directly hate on a fatass will be removed

“Thank you FPH”, “why I hate fat people [RANT]”, “since discovering this subverse”, “why I visit this subverse” and all other attention whoring/generic/redundant bullshit will be removed. Nobody cares.

These rules can and will likely be updated at the discretion of the moderators of FatPeopleHate. Thank you.