Written by Voat User “theepilepticferret

The History of Fat People Hate: a Storybook Tale


One upon a time, in the not-too-distant past, there existed a creatrix by the name of GummyQueenSarah (GQS). GQS forged a subreddit to house posts that didn’t belong in /r/fatpeoplestories. She called it /r/fatpeoplehate, and people were drawn to the unbridled hatred that was allowed in this new sub. Soon the community grew in number and popularity. The GummyQueen looked upon her creation and saw that it was good.

But it was not to last. One day, the fickle creatrix decided to start removing posts that hated excessively or targeted specific people. Legend has it that the subreddit was created as a joke, and its evolution into a thriving colony of fat hatred disgusted the GummyQueen. The tyrannical creatrix set the subreddit to “Private”. In response, /u/PsychoticMouse had created /r/hamplanethatred in an effort to escape the tyrannical GummyQueen, and also because FPH had lost much of its allure (see also: cojones). This became known as The First Post Blackout.

Fortunately for the thousands of victims The First Post Blackout created, /u/The_Penis_Wizard still maintained his moderator status. He was able to reopen the doors of hatred, allowing members to continue shitlording on /r/fatpeoplehate. Many shitizens didn’t even notice the Blackout, as it had only lasted a day or two.

For a short time, GQS tolerated the hatred. But it was not to last. On the first weekend in December 2013, /u/The_Penis_Wizard’s moderator status was revoked, and posting was once more restricted to approved users, of which none existed. More notably, the sidebar had now been changed to reflected GQS’s most recent whim, promoting “love and acceptance for all” along with the confession that GQS had no idea how to manage a subreddit. This became known as The Second Post Blackout.

Just when things seemed darkest, /u/The_Penis_Wizard had formulated a plan. Following the First Post Blackout, an inquiry had been sent to the Reddit admins requesting top-level moderator permissions to be bestowed upon /u/The_Penis_Wizard. There wasn’t enough of a case against GQS at that time to transfer ownership of the subreddit, as subreddit owners are generally allowed to run the sub as they see fit, as long as they maintain a certain level of activity themselves. However, it did create a record and brought GQS’s unruly behaviour to the admin’s attention. Now during the Second Post Blackout, /u/The_Penis_Wizard had a stronger case; not only was there a history of GQS’s behaviour, but her account was also inactive, excluding the changes made to /r/fatpeoplehate.

At first, /u/The_Penis_Wizard was fighting alone. But then, /u/MCprofK attempted to submit a post to FPH, only to be denied. He realized the magnitude of what had happened, and immediately contacted /u/The_Penis_Wizard. /u/MCprofK was informed of GQS’s actions, and not wishing to lay down to a tyrant, he joined forces with /u/The_Penis_Wizard. He made several posts in the /r/redditrequest thread (despite two of them being eaten by the spam filter) and gave moral support to the former mod. He also messaged many of the sub’s most recent top posters and commenters, and requested that they vouch for their displaced leader.

In the beginning, it seemed as though their words fell on deaf ears. Some FPH users joined /r/hamplanethatred to get their fat-shaming fix. All the while, the unrelenting /u/MCprofK continued to make submissions to FPH by messaging the oppressor GQS, but none were ever posted.

Miraculously, just a few days after Christmas in fact, the admins answered their call. The subreddit was handed over to the hero /u/The_Penis_Wizard. Some say that the only reason this happened was because GQS’s account had been deleted. However, the admin’s motives were not questioned, but instead FPH’s triumphant return was celebrated, and the community continued to grow. /r/fatpeoplehate was a bastion of hatred against fatness and obesity in a world where both had become rampant.

But soon FPH became too popular. It became one of the largest subreddits on the site, with over 150 thousand subscribed users. Its most popular posts often reached /r/all, for all of Reddit to see. This displeased the many obese Reddit users, who complained to the admins and filed false accusations against FPH users, claiming that they were brigading other subreddits and doxxing users. These fat liars were also complaining to the admins of Imgur, who began deleting any photos associated with FPH. In response, the FPH mods took the photos of the Imgur admins, which were publicly available on the Imgur website, and posted them to the sidebar of FPH with the caption, “Even their dog is fat.” This further enraged the admins of Imgur.

On June 10, 2015, /r/fatpeoplehate was banned from Reddit. Some cite the “doxxing” of Imgur staff as the straw that broke the camel’s back, while some say the sub’s growing popularity worked against it because it offended so many of Reddit’s obese user base. Others insist that the Reddit admins disliked FPH and their hatred of fat people, citing the instance when admin /u/kickme444 declared, “It is a terrible, hateful community. I am ashamed of it.” Whatever the real reason, /r/fatpeoplehate had been banned, along with 4 other subreddits. Of these, /r/hamplanethatred was also banned.

The entire Reddit website was plunged into chaos. Its front page was flooded with FPH-type posts, as well as those calling for CEO Ellen Pao’s resignation, created by FPH and non-FPH users alike. Reddit users were seething with hatred and disgust – for a website that claimed to be “the front page of the internet” how could they ban free speech, just because they didn’t like what was said? Subreddits like /r/coontown and /r/watchpeopledie were allowed to continue their existence, but /r/fatpeoplehate was considered the “most terrible” sub on Reddit, seemingly because it offended most of Reddit’s user base. In response, many popular subs were made private, not only in fear that they too may be banned, but also in protest. And FPH users began creating sister subreddits, with names like /r/fatpeoplehate2, /r/fatpeopleh8, and /r/nofatpeople. To quell the revolt, Reddit admins began banning any sub that was even remotely related to FPH. In their haste, they banned /r/whalewatching, which was a subreddit dedicated to observing cetaceans. What’s more, the evil Reddit admins shadowbanned the entire FPH moderation team. Again, they claimed behaviour that violated Reddit’s terms of service as the reason, but had banned FPH mods that were AWOL during the entire escapade. When asked why this occurred, the oppressive admins refused to provide an answer. These examples proved without a doubt that Reddit was indeed censoring ideas (the hatred of fat people) and not just inappropriate behaviour, as they alleged.

With the subreddit banned and the mods all shadowbanned, it seemed Fat People Hate was finally extinct. But all hope was not lost. The FPH community wanted a place where they could hate on fats indiscriminantly, without the biased censorship of Reddit’s totalitarian administration team. The FPH community sought refuge on Reddit’s competing website, Voat. Fortunately, an unknown shitlord had the foresight to create a similar sub, even calling it /v/fatpeoplehate. Although Voat was still in its infancy, it welcomed the massive influx of FPH users with open arms. Voat’s servers initially had problems handling the mass exodus of Reddit users, but upgrades were made and FPH was reborn as /v/fatpeoplehate. The original mod team all joined FPH on Voat, but at that time, only the sub owner could perform moderator duties. User @gollum had taken over /v/fatpeoplehate as the sub owner, but became too busy with work to moderate the sub the way he had hoped. He graciously transferred ownership to @The_Penis_Wizard. Eventually, Voat was able to upgrade its moderator tools, and all the other mods became able to ban fatties from the fat-free fortress that was FPH. Additionally, the hero @technician90 created a fat-free image hosting site and called it SLiMG, so that FPH users could fat-shame without fear of their images being deleted. The FPH community was finally free from the oppressive regime of Reddit and Imgur.

Although only a fraction of Reddit’s original shitlords and shitladies have found /v/fatpeoplehate, the sub is as active as ever, and continues to grow every day. The FPH community was reborn from the flames of its destruction, and rose like a phoenix from the ashes. It is a shining beacon of ham hatred in a world plagued with planets and obeasts. Voat has assured FPH that they are most welcome, and many shitizens have made /v/fatpeoplehate their new home.

And they all hated happily ever after.

The End.