Flair on FPH 

In FatPeopleHate we have flair set up so that users can become officially verified shitlords. Users with flair have been confirmed by the mods to be not fat.

If you’re looking for flair, you need to do a couple of things:

Send the mods a shitlord verifying picture and a namestamp.

This means that you will need to upload an image to a hosting site like sli.mg and send us the link to it. You can delete it after you’ve been verified if you want to, but mods will keep the picture strictly confidential.


  1. Show clearly that you’re not fat: This is a simple thing that people sometimes get wrong. The best kind of picture is full-body with light clothing.
  2. Include a namestamp and the current date: This means that you need to be holding a paper with your Voat username on it so that we can confirm that it’s you.
  3. Title your request “I have read the flair requirements, including the activity requirement”: This is to see if you can follow instructions. You don’t actually need to do the sharpie in the pooper thing.
  4. Choose your flair. Either the default “Verified Shitlord/Shitlady”
  5. Don’t ignore any of the above: People who fail to follow instructions will be ignored.


  • You can cover your face or photoshop it out if you want for the sake of anonymity.


  •  Use a digital namestamp. Photoshopping your username doesn’t count.
  •  Have an unclear namestamp. It needs to be legible from the picture you send us, having good lighting and writing with a sharpie instead of a pen helps with this.
  •  Be fat. Seriously, just don’t.
  •  Use FGAS/Myspace angles or other trickery.

If you know you’re ready, you can send us a link to your verification pic and we’ll do the rest.