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FPHLive Transparency Report 12/06/2016

We plan to release transparency logs of all admin activity every month.

This is the first report.

Admins and PMs

Admins DO have the ability to read all PMs sent from users HOWEVER if an admin reads a PM a USER has received or sent the USER will get be notified that their inbox privacy has been nullified. All PMs will be encrypted on the database we are storing them so only way to view them will be through our admin panel to notify the USER. This is a feature to allow admins to view INBOXES in case we suspect a USER of illegal activity however notifications are present to make sure Admins have a check against them by users for Transparency. Also admins are unable to view PMs by individiual users. PMs can only be viewed if between TWO users. not WHOLE inboxes from INDIVIDUAL users.

Transparent Admin Logs

We plan to have an Admin Log for every action an admin makes on the system so no content goes hidden. Exceptions for this include illegal content. Moderator log can be located here.

Content that will be recorded:

  • Comment and submission deletions
  • Flairs added
  • PMs being read
  • Change to the algorithm for posts
  • Stickies by admins
  • Distinguished comments
  • Global PMs sent

If you wish something specific to be included let us know.

Site Spending and Funding and Budget

We will not go into details to what hosts we use however will go into all costs and budgets.

All amounts are in USD


Site Domain: $17.80 1 year

Site Hosting: $43.49 6 month

Site Hosting Dedicated IP: $32.69 6 months

Site Hosting Total: $76.95 6 months

Total costs for 1 year of operation: $94.75

Costs for site building and maintenance: $250 1 time fee

Total Costs 1st Year: $344.74

Current Funds Available



We plan to better optimize our funds to make this cheaper in the future however no laid down plans.


All funds are paid out of pocket by the moderator team and we add funds to the fund pool when needed.

See you all next month

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