FPHLive Transparency Report 12/06/2016 We plan to release transparency logs of all admin activity every month. This is the first report. Admins and PMs Admins DO have the ability to read all PMs sent from users HOWEVER if an admin reads a PM a USER has received or sent the USER will get be notified […]

Starting anew, here are the top 10 posts for FPH on January 2017.

Things done: Custom post type: Fattits Consist of: Title (required) URL Text Tags Can be reported Admin-designated defaults Custom reports by user (optional) Fattit viewing page Lists fattits Auto-loads more as you scroll Sorts according to custom algorithm Filters according to tags selected Voting Users can vote on fattits/comments Each vote is stored individually (one […]

Thread where you can post your feedback on what the site needs to improve on and what needs to change or fix.

Site is now announced and functional. Nothing else to note.

No news for negativity.

No giveaway for 10/20/2016

No promoted thread for 10/20/2016

Not much here but to announce this site is up and running.